Learn How To Eat Girl Out

Having sex and making love are two entirely different things… The former refers to the having intercourse while the latter refer to intercourse but the essence of the act is centered on giving and receiving pleasure. You'd be wondering why you have to learn how to eat a girl out. Read on to find out it is very important that you do it right !

It is a known fact that women take a far longer time when compared to men to reach sexual climax and rarely do they achieve climax thru intercourse alone. So, therein lies the question of how do you go about pleasing your women? Answer… Cunnilingus! Or in lay man's term - eating her out! That is by far the best way to give your girl the big 'O'. And the good news is women simply love it when her man eats her out.

Next question is: How Do You Do It? For starters, you got to have some knowledge on a woman's anatomy. Believe it or not, eating her out involves more that just your tongue and her vagina; it actually involves her whole body. While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to eating a woman out, here are a couple of guidelines…

The actual act of eating out a woman usually concentrates on the vagina and clitoris and also the stimulation of her G spot. However, constant clitoral licking alone won't get the job done. Worse, you'll numb her clit and leave her feeling raw. Start by spending a little time licking and circling her clit with the tip of your tongue and from there slowly lick your way down her labia to her slit and slowly work your way up again to her clit. Repeat a couple of times all the while making sure that you caress her body especially the inner thighs, calves and feet with your free hands.

At this point, the area between her labia and the top of her thighs are extremely sensitive. Slowly kiss and lick this area all the while teasing her and working your kisses towards her clit but just when she expects you to go for her clit, stop and move your attention to the other side. You can repeat the same process with her inner thighs, calves nipping her skin lightly as you work your way up her thighs.

The idea here is to do anything that comes to mind and TAKE YOUR TIME. Don't rush! Tease her and drive her nuts to the point where every nerve in her body is tingling and her entire body is extremely sensitive and screaming for your touch. She's so turn on by now that you'd need a fire hose to douse the fire you started in her! Now for the kill, lean forward with your mouth less than an inch from her vagina and let her feel your warm breath caressing her before you proceed to lick her up between her legs. Besides eating her out you're your tongue, you can also use your fingers to increase her pleasure.

If you've done this properly, your woman would have had her big 'O' or on the verge of getting one. Here on the choice is yours whether to take her over the edge or have sex with her and you can both come together.

There you have it, all about how to eat a girl out! Let's not forget that the whole point of you learning how to eat a girl out is to give your woman pleasure NOT to "get her ready" for SEX.